Summering with Sunset: Simplify Your Warm Season Activity with Sunset Resin Outdoor Furniture

Summering with Sunset: Simplify Your Warm Season Activity with Sunset Resin Outdoor Furniture

Summer of Sunset

From fireworks festivals to poolside pavilions and lazy leisure, the summer months are an invitation for some and a rally call for others to bask in the freedom of the great outdoors.  Whether you prefer relaxation retreats or sunburnt adventures, we all want to get to the fun faster, and Grosfillex can help keep things smart, stylish, strong, and comfortable.  We’ll review how outdoor resin furniture can be a fantastic addition to your summer celebrations by bringing durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal to the forefront of the outside.

To facilitate and maximize daylong delight during the warm weather months, a stylish resin furniture range such as the Grosfillex Sunset Collection, can help you get right into the summertime vibe via a variety of outdoor pieces that boast elegant and timeless designs, superior comfort, and exceptional quality.


Leaders in the hospitality and foodservice industries seek out practical, comfortable, strong, and dignified furniture solutions that optimize visual appeal and convenience.  Whether the happy place you seek is poolside lounging or hosting outdoor dining like barbecues, casual brunches, or evening dinner parties, the Sunset Collection offers ample seating and stable surfaces for bountiful meals and drinks service.

The alfresco advantage has never been easier – lightweight resin furniture can be rearranged to create inviting outdoor areas for socializing with friends and family.  Whether entertaining an intimate gathering or orchestrating a large party, the versatility of resin furniture promotes flexible configurations into comfortable and attractive spaces for guests to enjoy the summer atmosphere.


The Sunset Collection lends itself to a range of summertime explorations.  Comfortable seating options such as lounge chairs, armchairs, and chaise lounges are ergonomically designed for relaxation, making them perfect for lounging by the pool, enjoying a sunset view, or gathering around a bonfire on summer evenings.  The Sunset Collection barstools and a variety of tables offer opportunities for outdoor dining and food service advantage, while the modular towel valet units are built to be functional, tidy, and convenient.


Many pieces in the Sunset Collection evoke a resort-like atmosphere.  Creating a vacation-like experience in your own backyard – a lounge area reminiscent of a beachside resort or a chic dining setup under the stars - Grosfillex furniture adds a touch of luxury to your summer gatherings.

Grosfillex pays attention to design aesthetics, offering furniture that combines functionality with modern style. The Sunset Collection features sleek lines, contemporary craftsmanship, and a range of color options to complement any outdoor décor scheme, enhancing the overall ambiance of your summer celebrations.


The Sunset Collection array of tables provides stylish and durable options for outdoor dining experiences and outdoor desktops for those who like to work or study in natural light.  Resin furniture provides a sturdy and beneficial option for gardening enthusiasts - convenient surfaces for potting plants, organizing gardening tools or displaying potted flowers.

In addition, the ergonomic designs and luxurious slings of the Grosfillex Sunset Comfort Collection are ideal for relaxation and unwinding with a book, enjoying a refreshment, or simply taking in the outdoors.


Resin furniture also allows for children’s outdoor activities to go on without a hitch - arts and crafts, playing games, recharging naptimes - resin furniture provides a safe, durable, easy-to-clean environment for areas frequented by active younglings.  For parents’ consideration, resin furniture presents smooth surfaces that won’t splinter or rust, providing peace of mind during lively summer playtimes.


Resin furniture may be perfect for hosting outdoor gatherings such as barbecues, pool parties, or garden dinners, but its weather-resistant properties make the collection ideal for enduring summer heat and occasional rain without damage.  Grosfillex furniture is known for its durability, which is particularly beneficial during the summer months when furniture is exposed to sun, heat, and occasional rain. The Sunset Collection, made from high-quality resin materials, is resistant to UV rays, moisture, and stains, ensuring it stays looking fresh and new throughout the season.


Sunset Collection pieces are easy to clean and maintain. Simply wiping them down with soap and water periodically to keep them looking fresh, allows you and your guests to spend more time enjoying your summer and less time on upkeep.  Many resin furniture pieces in the Sunset Collection such as the chaise lounge and chairs, are designed with recreation in mind and are resistant to mildew, chlorine, water splashes and spills, making them a practical choice for areas near pools, lakes and coasts.


Resin furniture is lightweight, and some Grosfillex pieces are designed to be stackable.  This space-saving feature makes it easy to rearrange or store your pieces when the sun sets or the weather turns cooler. 

Versatility is especially useful for accommodating different numbers of guests or changing your layout for various activities and various settings during your summer celebrations.  Whether you're hosting a backyard barbecue, setting up a cozy seating area on your patio, or creating a relaxing spot in your garden, Grosfillex furniture adapts to different environments seamlessly.


High-quality resin furniture can last for many summers with proper care, making it a worthwhile investment for enjoying outdoor activities year after year.


Beyond functional seating, dining and storage, the Sunset Collection can also serve as decorative accents that work in tandem with your existing outdoor presence.  Adding colorful cushions or outdoor pillows can further enhance the celebratory atmosphere of your summer gatherings.

Enjoy the Sunset

By incorporating durable, comfortable, stylish resin furniture choices that require minimal maintenance and offers maximum enjoyment of your outdoor spaces, you can significantly enhance your summer celebrations with comfortable seating, eating and organization areas that set the stage for memorable moments with friends and family.

Thanks for enjoying our blog.  As a summer Sunset surprise, be sure to ask your Grosfillex sales representative about our limited time offer for 15% off your purchase of any in-stock Sunset and Sunset Comfort Collection items from July 1, 2024 through July 31, 2024.  To view all eligible products and restrictions, visit the promotion page and “Enjoy the Sunset!”

Contact us to learn more. 

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