Commercial-Grade Outdoor Furniture

If you own a hospitality business with an outdoor space, you may have set up high-quality commercial outdoor furniture for guests. Outdoor furniture from Grosfillex North America helps you create a functional, visually appealing, and comfortable space where guests can lounge, relax, and chat with each other.

But even the best commercial-grade outdoor furniture is vulnerable to weather damage if it doesn't receive the proper maintenance and care. The sun's harsh rays, rain, wind, and other elements can ruin furniture that has been kept outdoors for long periods, causing it to fade.

Commercial-Grade Outdoor Furniture

We share four tips to protect your commercial-grade outdoor furniture from weather damage and fading while prolonging its life.

1. Select the Right Pieces

Choosing the right outdoor furniture will help you boost the lifespan of your furniture and avoid weather damage. Premium furniture holds up for years before it needs any repairs.

Invest in high-end furniture that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Also, avoid low-quality furniture that will easily suffer damage from excessive heat, cold, and moisture.

2. Keep Them Under the Shade

Keep your outdoor furniture in the shade with umbrellas. This simple trick will protect your furniture from direct sunlight, wind, and rain while enhancing its shelf life. Umbrellas also keep guests cool and comfortable, making them multi-purpose accessories.

Arrange furniture according to the sun’s position to enhance the shade offered by umbrellas and block the sun.

3. Use Cushions

Using cushions is a fantastic way to improve your outdoor furniture’s lifespan. They effectively cover and protect your furniture from direct exposure to the elements.

When buying cushions, choose those made of materials like polyurethane foam, acrylic fabric, vinyl-coated polyester, and solution-dyed polyolefin that do not damage or fade quickly. Also, get cushions in complementing colors to match your outdoor decor and help you spruce up the space.

4. Store Furniture Indoors

Store your outdoor furniture indoors when not in use for extended periods or during the off-season. This will keep your furniture well-maintained and dramatically increase its lifespan. It will also preserve its color while preventing fading and other damage.

Foldable and stackable furniture with removable cushions are the best choices since you can quickly move and store them. Also, ensure your storage area is clean and dry so it doesn’t become a breeding ground for germs and dirt.


Protecting your commercial outdoor furniture from the weather will help you maximize your investment. It keeps your furniture looking new and helps it last for years. It also prevents you from spending time and money on frequent repairs and replacements.

At Grosfillex North America, we manufacture, market, and sell premium commercial outdoor furniture that resists weather damage. They are crafted from durable, sturdy, and non-fading materials and do not crack, chip, break, or fade easily.

Moreover, our products are high in style and elegance. They help you create beautiful spaces that customers love, allowing you to enjoy more foot traffic and profitability.

Shop our collections or pick individual products on our website to create a unique and tailored aesthetic. You can also connect with our team to learn more about our items.

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