Commercial Hospitality Furniture

As a restaurateur or business owner, you always look for beautiful furniture that can withstand heavy use. While many small businesses opt for second-hand or thrift furniture, some also choose brands that specialize in residential furniture. 

However, the latter is far from ideal, given the demands of the hospitality industry. Instead, look at buying high-quality commercial-grade furniture. 

Commercial Hospitality Furniture

In this article, we'll explain why you need commercial grade hospitality furniture and why residential furniture won't cut it.

1. Designed for Heavy Use

Although they may boast premium quality, residential furniture is not made for heavy use. Hospitality establishments get a lot more foot traffic and use than homes. As a result, the materials of commercial hospitality furniture are tougher and more durable. 

The wood, metal, and even upholstery used are slightly different. Most materials have an additional heavy-duty coating to maintain quality and prevent corrosion. This especially holds true for outdoor furniture. 

Plus, because it’s durable, you’ll spend much less on maintenance than repairing and buying new residential furniture. 

2. Practical Designs

We're not saying that residential furniture isn't thoughtfully designed. Of course, it is. But it's meant for residential use. Commercial furniture is made with materials that are easy to clean, unlike a bulky or intricate armchair that requires more meticulous upkeep.

Moreover, commercial furniture usually comes in sleek designs to accommodate different styles. 

3. Longer Warranties

Residential furniture usually has a warranty of up to a year. Some retailers may not offer any warranties or guarantees at all. In contrast, commercial furniture has warranties, depending on the product.

Warranties are even more important for commercial establishments. They provide after-sales support and peace of mind if the furniture sustains damage.

4. Wider Selection

Cohesive furniture supports your brand and the look and feel you want to achieve. Hence, commercial furniture is usually available in various colors and styles. You can get them to match your brand's colors or the color scheme of your space.

Meanwhile, residential furniture is only available in a few colors. Even if you find pieces that match your desired style, you may not get to select from as many shades.

Commercial furniture also considers your needs by incorporating features many businesses need, such as portability and foldable furniture that can be easily stacked or placed in storage.

5. Compliant With Industry Regulations

Every state has different regulations regarding the materials used in the hospitality industry. The material used for commercial furniture undergoes rigorous tests to ensure they are safe. While most states in America aren’t strict about this law, it’s best to do your due diligence before buying furniture. 

6. Can Meet Volume Requirements

Commercial establishments, particularly large ones, often need dozens of chairs, tables, etc. Regular furniture stores aren’t meant to meet these volumes and often have limited inventory. Additionally, their operations aren’t designed to fulfill such large orders.

Distributors of commercial furniture have existing networks and infrastructure to accommodate sudden large orders. If their inventories are inadequate, they can easily order them from suppliers and give you a delivery date.


Grosfillex North America offers premium commercial-grade hospitality furniture that’s made with durable materials. Our designs are timeless, innovative, and sleek. Moreover, you’ll find something for every aesthetic and color scheme. 

By choosing high-quality commercial hospitality furniture, you're making a smart investment. You'll save a lot on repairs and maintenance as a business owner. Plus, the furniture won't look dated, even after several years of use. Visit our online store to explore our range of versatile and durable furniture for commercial purposes.

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