Commercial Outdoor Beach Furniture

People love dining near the sea. It’s a nice change from being cooped up inside, but does your outdoor space have a welcoming design and aesthetic? With Grosfillex North America by your side, you can put our commercial outdoor beach furniture to use to spruce up your space and make it more inviting for your customers. 

Commercial Outdoor Beach Furniture

Tips for Choosing Furniture for Your Coastal Café 

When dining out, most customers seek a relaxed space to enjoy good food with their friends and family. And while the beach does most of the heavy lifting, adding complementary aesthetics and furniture can add another layer of charm.

Here are some helpful tips to choose the perfect outdoor beach furniture:

1. Avoid Flashy Designs 

Designs are lovely for adding texture, but the great outdoors already has an abundance of it. So, avoid dark colors, floral or geometric designs, and anything that doesn’t look minimal. 

Stick to furniture that’s subtle and comfortable, allowing your customers to enjoy the sand, the sea, and everything in between. 

2. Choose the Right Colors 

Choose vibrant colors that make it look like summer year-round at your establishment. 

Complement the seaside with diverse hues of burnt orange, coral, cream, dark or navy blue, lavender, moss-green, orchid, yellow, and other beach-inspired colors to create the ultimate coastal escape for your customers. 

That said, we would advise against keeping things matchy-matchy, as it can create a dull, bland look that harms your ambiance.

3. Consider the Layout

Humans are visual creatures who enjoy aesthetics. So, make sure your layout is comfortable, welcoming, and distinct, such that even the flower pot and umbrella placement look intentional yet natural.

It’s also important to use negative space wisely. Leave a wide area between furniture pieces to ensure comfortable movement. A seating area that’s too cluttered can make customers feel overwhelmed.

4. Ensure Comfort 

The longer a customer stays at your establishment, the more they will buy. So, if you want to increase your revenue, make sure the seating options are comfortable. 

An easy way to do this is to use cushions, particularly ones that are specifically designed for the hospitality industry. These easy-to-maintain accessories will give your customers an uber-comfortable experience and allow you to switch up your style whenever needed. 

5. Look for Weather-resistant Pieces

The ocean has its own weather; it cools and warms slower than the atmosphere.

In line with that, you should select outdoor furniture pieces that stand their ground against temperature variations, are made of materials that reduce the sun’s harmful effects, are immune to sun damage, and are easy to clean and maintain. 

Ideally, you want furniture that embodies a casual lifestyle, tempting people to choose you over your competitors. 

Elevate Your Space with Grosfillex!

Grosfillex North America uses innovative technology and materials to produce sustainable, durable, and stylish pieces that last. Browse through our collection of beach must-haves to give your customers the ultimate tropical experience! From umbrellas to folding/deck chairs and chaise lounges, we’ve got an array of commercial beach furniture to help you create the perfect outdoor seating area in your establishment. 

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