Commercial Outdoor Cafe Furniture

If you own a commercial space and want to expand it by utilizing the outdoor areas or improve its look, you've come to the right place. Customers highly appreciate outdoor spaces, and the furniture must deliver on the aesthetics when the sun hits perfectly. 

Commercial Outdoor Cafe Furniture

Because it is a significant investment, you must know about the best commercial outdoor cafe furniture. 

Here are some things to consider when choosing furniture for your outdoor space: 


Comfort trumps just about everything else. Outdoor cafe furniture should be a pleasure to sit and spend a long time on, just like indoor pieces. 

As a business owner, you want to deliver a top-notch customer experience, and comfy furniture will help you achieve that. Ensure the tables and chairs will entice customers to relax and spend time with friends, work, or study. Testing the furniture before you invest is a good idea. 


Making your outdoor space aesthetically cohesive with your indoor design is vital. However, don't try replicating the layout by buying the same pieces. 

Choose furniture that is sleek yet comfortable, ones that match the vibe of your commercial space. The pieces should be inviting to people walking by so they will be encouraged to stop in and sit for a while. 


Those in the hospitality industry focus on aesthetics and sometimes forget about the durability of the furniture. Commercial furniture is made with high-quality materials, so they last for years despite daily wear and tear. 

The pieces should last a while and do well when stored during the off-season. They should also be resistant to spills and harsh weather. 


Outdoor space may be limited for most establishments, especially those in bustling cities. It's best to measure the area and map your furniture's placement. 

Put tape on the floor to measure the spaces your tables and chairs will occupy. Make sure to put enough space between them for easy maneuvering for customers and staff. This will help you determine the ideal number of each furniture piece you need. 

The Best Commercial Outdoor Furniture

Grosfillex North America is a no-brainer if you are looking for cafe furniture designers. We are a leading commercial outdoor resin furniture manufacturer catering to the hospitality industry. We have set a high standard in the commercial space for top-quality and durable furniture. Whether you’re looking for tables, chairs, shades, and other outdoor accessories, we have something for every space in various designs. 

Our furniture is made with durable resin to withstand harsh weather, spills, and most household cleaners. All pieces are designed to be sleek and versatile. Simply put, Grosfillex North America makes furniture meant to stand the test of time. 

So, we have it all, no matter which space you're looking to design—restaurants, clubs, patios, or poolside areas. You can browse our website to pick from the many colors, sizes, and aesthetics we offer.

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