Commercial Outdoor Chairs

If you have a commercial patio or outdoor space, you can turn it into a hangout where guests can dine, lounge, chat, and unwind. Choosing high-quality commercial outdoor chairs helps you add function and comfort to your patio or lounge and transform it into a charming, well-designed alfresco area.

Commercial Outdoor Chairs

It can increase customer traffic and revenue while distinguishing you from your competitors.

Here are our five favorite tips for buying commercial-grade chairs for outdoor areas.

1. Make a List of Your Outdoor Seating Needs

Consider your goals for your outdoor area. Determine its functionality in terms of the activities that will take place there and your guests’ seating needs.

For example, if you want your patio to function as a dining space, you'll need a set of stylish armchairs and side chairs. Meanwhile, bars will need barstools, while lounges and lobbies will need comfortable lounge chairs.

2. Ensure Comfort

Outfitting your outdoor space with comfortable seating will entice guests to step outside and encourage them to enjoy the weather. So, pick outdoor chairs that are cozy and inviting. Chairs with backs and armrests offer excellent support, while plush cushions enhance guests' comfort and relaxation.

3. Go for Low-Maintenance and Durable Options

Save time and money on upkeep by buying sturdy, weather-resistant outdoor chairs that need minimal maintenance. Easy-to-clean and durable all-weather resin seating options can endure harsh weather conditions, wear and tear, and spills. These forgiving pieces only need a bit of cleaning to look good as new for years.

You can also buy furniture accessories like cushions with removable covers that you can easily wash.

4. Consider Storage Needs

Get lightweight, stackable, and foldable outdoor chairs that you can quickly move and store in the off-season. Keeping your furniture indoors when not in use will help you avoid weather damage and further wear, adding years to its life while maximizing your investment.

Foldable and stackable chairs also help you optimize storage space, especially if you have a limited storage area.

5. Match the Colors of Your Seating With Your Outdoor Decor

When shopping for outdoor resin seating, you do not have to limit your color options to natural wood tones or neutral shades. You can pick from many colorful finishes to complement the colors in your outdoor decor. This will help you perk up your space and catch customers' interest.


Outfitting a commercial outdoor space with high-quality chairs will make the area a new favorite spot among your guests. It will impress them and show them you care about their comfort, which can help bring in repeat business and higher revenues.

At Grosfillex North America, we manufacture and sell premium commercial outdoor seating options that serve the needs of many hospitality businesses. They are high in quality, durability, functionality, comfort, portability, and affordability. You can also get them in foldable and stackable designs.

We invite you to browse our collection of high-end commercial outdoor chairs and barstools on our website or contact our team to learn more.

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