Commercial Outdoor Dining Tables and Chairs

Commercial Outdoor Dining Tables and Chairs

If you’ve kept yourself updated about trends in the hospitality industry, you know that outdoor dining has become the next best thing since sliced bread. More and more patrons are choosing to sit outdoors to the point where restaurants are understaffed!

Want to capitalize on this robust consumer demand?

Create a comfortable and inviting environment where people want to stay for extended periods. Get thoughtfully chosen furniture pieces from Grosfillex North America

Here are some factors to consider when shopping:

Outdoor Square Footage 

Is your outdoor area an extension of the space inside? Create a setup that doesn't make your guests feel trapped or look haphazard to passersby. You can use chairs with armrests like our Essenza Armchair, Cannes Armchair, or Vogue Armchair. Maintain at least 30 inches of space between your chairs for easy movement.

But what if you have a tiny patio? Should you skip outdoor dining? 

Absolutely not! 

Invest in lightweight pieces, such as the Miami Bistro chair, that perform well indoors and outdoors and can stack for easy storage. They will allow you to change your layout in a snap and accommodate fluctuating crowds. 

Flexible Designs 

The outdoor furniture market was worth $46.20 billion in 2022, so you're guaranteed to find stylish multi-functional pieces regardless of your needs.

Some popular Grosfillex materials and products in this category include:

  • Sunset Cocktail Table with ultra-clean lines and aluminum construction
  • Java Armchair with Viro® high-quality wicker backrest and a polypropylene, fiberglass seat that combines the best of strength, style, and comfort

These smart choices will allow you to expand your setup without additional investments. You can further spruce it up with bamboo sticks or greenery if you need a beachside vibe. 

Long-Lasting Materials 

Pay attention to the materials you use for your outdoor spaces. Ensure they meet your need for aesthetics, functionality, durability, and weather protection.

Teak and wood are out of the question. Reach for resin or rattan; they're incredibly stylish, super low-maintenance, and highly durable. As a bonus, these pieces are lightweight and easy to move around.

If you want a natural wooden aesthetic, try composite wood. It's moisture-resistant and does not splinter, but it requires a higher upfront investment, so bear that in mind.


Good seating makes customers feel comfortable. So, to establish yourself as the go-to choice, provide a comfortable seating area. 

But feel free to invest in something other than brand-new essentials. If your outdoor furniture is in good condition, you can level it up with cushions. The Bahia Eco Chaise Cushion is a fantastic addition for spaces that overlook the ocean or are beside pools.

Practical Construction 

Do you only offer outdoor dining during specific seasons? Instead of fixtures that sit empty, consider taking advantage of the stackable Metro Chair, Vogue Barstool, and Java Sidechair. They work perfectly in limited spaces as you can stack and store them when not in use. You can also consider foldable furniture. 

Find What You Need at Grosfillex 

Grosfillex North America provides a wide range of outdoor dining tables and chairs for various aesthetics. Each is created to provide "beauty that stands the test of time."

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