Commercial Outdoor Furniture Colorado

Commercial Outdoor Furniture Colorado

Colorado is famous for its natural landscapes and a plethora of recreational activities. Any business open to the public would do well to offer a commercial outdoor area where guests can enjoy beautiful views, sip cocktails or wine, and delicious food. 

While you're designing the perfect outdoor space, remember the furniture. Commercial outdoor furniture differs from residential furniture because it must be sturdier and resilient to external conditions. For quality furniture that is made for heavy outdoor use, explore Grosfillex North America's products. As a leading supplier of commercial outdoor furniture, our items are made of quality materials. 

We offer durability, versatility, various options, and stylish choices.


Colorado is known for its extreme weather fluctuations, like intense bursts of sunlight, sudden rain, and even snow. The environment demands robust and resilient outdoor furniture. Grosfillex North America's commercial outdoor furniture is crafted from high-quality materials, such as polypropylene resin, a by-product of the oil refining process. Polypropylene resin is resistant to most food stains, chlorine, and moisture. 

This ensures that our pieces can withstand the intense Colorado sun, heavy snowfall, and sudden temperature changes, maintaining their integrity and appearance for years. It will not trap nor harbor germs, fungi, or bacteria.


Colorado's varying altitudes are challenging for outdoor furniture. You will find locations ranging from the high plains to mountainous terrains. Establishments need to keep up with these environments. 

Grosfillex North America's outdoor furniture is designed with versatility in mind. So, whether you want to furnish a downtown patio or a serene mountain retreat, our furniture can effortlessly complement different surroundings, contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. Plus, it can also be stacked when not in use. 


Colorado's outdoor appeal has led to various alfresco dining and entertainment venues. Grosfillex North America caters to this trend by offering a wide range of dining sets, loungers, and seating options. Restaurants, cafes, and hotels can create inviting outdoor dining spaces with gorgeous views by availing of our comfortable and stylish seating options.


Not all establishments have the same style. Whether it's the urban sophistication of Denver, the rustic charm of Aspen, or the laid-back vibe of Boulder, Grosfillex North America offers furniture options that seamlessly integrate with the diverse styles throughout the state. Choose from ornate to minimal designs in various furniture styles, colors, and textures—the possibilities are endless.


Colorado's ever-changing weather and unique terrains challenge food service and hospitality businesses. But with the right furniture, you can make the most of your outdoor space. 

Whether you’re looking to furnish your patio, balcony, or any outdoor space, choose Grosfillex North America. You can find quality seating options, lounge furniture, tables, and accessories. Additionally, there are plenty of designs and styles, so there is something for every aesthetic. 

Visit our official website to see our complete collection of commercial outdoor furniture, or contact us to know more.

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