Commercial Outdoor Furniture for South Carolina

Sandy white beaches and endless summers make South Carolina ideal for outdoor dining and lounging. As a business owner, you can create cozy and inviting outdoor spaces for customers looking to do just that.

And since South Carolina is warm almost all year, you need furniture that can withstand extreme heat and humidity while being comfortable, stylish, and elegant. 

Commercial Outdoor Furniture for South Carolina

Grosfillex North America has a plethora of outdoor furniture that's versatile, timeless, and durable. We do everything from tables and chairs to barstools and folding chairs. Take a look at what we have to offer: 


Outdoor dining in South Carolina with furniture pieces from Grosfillex North America is a game changer. Choose from a wide array of tables that can withstand the test of time. 

Our outdoor patio furniture is available in various heights, aesthetics, and materials, making it suitable for different purposes and styles. Depending on your space, you can also choose between fixed table bases and completely foldable tables. If you go for fixed table bases, you can remove the tops and change them whenever you want.


Tables of high quality need durable chairs, so we have those too. Shop from our contemporary designs to elevate your patio. 

Get your hands on modern designs that match almost all styles and are available in various colors. These designs are pretty and ergonomic, allowing diners to sit and dine comfortably. If you're short on space, you can also look at our collection of foldable chairs.

If you opted for taller tables, browse through our barstool collection. Like our dining chairs, our barstools come in many colors and styles to suit your restaurant’s vibe. 

Lounge Furniture

If you have an unused area overlooking the coast, consider using that place as a lounge area. Investing in durable lounge furniture that's synonymous with comfort is key. 

Browse our vast catalog of lounge chairs, Adirondack chairs, and small side tables. Use our lounge chairs for even surfaces and Adirondack chairs for uneven ground like sand. 


While adding new furniture, remember the essentials. We’re talking about comfortable cushions, fabric for those cushions and chairs, and even vases. Adding these elements to your space elevates your design and shows guests that you put a lot of effort into making it inviting and welcoming. 

You can also shop for umbrellas and umbrella bases with us if the sunny weather is keeping your customers from enjoying the gorgeous views South Carolina has to offer. 

Get Commercial-Grade Outdoor Furniture From Grosfillex North America

Many aspects of a business should be considered, including furniture and aesthetics. Getting furniture specifically designed for outdoor commercial use ensures you get the selection, durability, and comfort you need for your business. 

Grosfillex North America is dedicated to serving the hospitality industry with its wide range of furniture. Our quality furniture is made in the USA and has up to five years of warranty. We also have a friendly customer service team who will happily help you with anything you need.

Visit our website and take a look at our premium commercial-grade outdoor furniture. 

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