Commercial Outdoor Furniture Maine

 Commercial Outdoor Furniture Maine

Maine, fondly known as the Pine State, is known for its scenic views, quaint suburbs, lighthouses, table-to-farm dining, and fresh, fantastic seafood. The people of Maine are particularly proud of their traditional dishes. 

When the food is paired with perfect scenic views, you are sure of a beautiful, wholesome experience and lasting memories. 

If you own a food service or hospitality business in Maine, you should make the most of it. Your customers would love to unwind with a perfect plate of food, delicious cocktails, and a sunset view. Setting up a comfortable outdoor space for your business will be lucrative. 

If this idea interests you, here are some things you must consider when designing the perfect outdoor space:

Available Space

Before anything else, consider how much space you have to set up an outdoor dining area. It should be big enough to set tables apart so your customers can sit comfortably and your servers won’t bump into one another. 

Conversely, your tables shouldn’t be too sparsely placed, as this could make the area look empty and unfinished. 

Proper Lighting

Outdoor lighting can be tricky because it cannot be too harsh or too dim. One of the best solutions is to have ambient lighting throughout the space so your patrons can enjoy the perfect ambiance. 

Add table lamps or string lights to create a welcoming atmosphere and encourage customers to linger to their hearts’ desires.

Natural Elements

Adding plants or a water fountain can liven up the area and make it feel cozy and fresh. This is also an excellent way to add interest to an otherwise plain space. 

From huge fig plants to small money plants spread across the wall, experiment with different sizes and placements to make your outdoor dining area stand out. 

Durable Outdoor Furniture 

The food service and hospitality industry is fast-paced and can cause extensive damage due to stains, spills, heat, and other elements. Your choice of furniture should be able to withstand these and natural elements like rain and sun exposure. 

Choose Grosfillex North America 

If you’re looking for furniture that can endure the rigors of a busy restaurant, choose Grosfillex North America. We have been manufacturing and supplying outdoor furniture since 1984, so we know exactly what a commercial space needs.

Our furniture is made with polypropylene resin to ensure resistance to most common food stains, moisture, salt air, and chlorine. These pieces do not trap or harbor germs, fungi, or bacteria.

Our designs are timeless and cater to a number of styles, from the minimalist to the ornate. This way, you can show off your brand’s style and stand out from your competitors. 


Follow these simple steps to elevate your outdoor space. When choosing furniture, ensure it is comfortable, stylish, and long-lasting. 

Thanks to Grosfillex North America, getting durable, aesthetically pleasing commercial outdoor furniture in Maine is now easier than ever. Check out our official website or browse our catalog.

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