Commercial Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

Entrepreneurs and business managers looking to maximize their commercial outdoor spaces need more than ordinary outdoor furniture. To ensure durability and functionality, they need commercial-grade pieces that can withstand the rigors of the elements. Furnished outdoor spaces encourage customers to linger and enjoy what you have to offer, which can mean more sales for you.

Commercial Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers


If you’re in the market for high-quality commercial outdoor furniture, you may be looking for the best manufacturers in the industry. The company you zero in on is as important as the furniture pieces you pick for your space. A reliable manufacturer helps you source the best products at competitive prices.

A partnership with them can make a crucial difference in the buying process and the final look of your outdoor space, so make sure to choose wisely. Researching leading outdoor furniture manufacturers will help you make the right decision.

Here are our top tips to help you select a trustworthy commercial furniture manufacturer.

Browse Portfolios

After making a list of potential furniture manufacturers, check out their portfolios to view their products in real-world settings. This will help you assess the functionality and versatility of their designs while getting decor inspiration for your own space.

At Grosfillex North America, we have a diverse product portfolio that we’re proud to share with our clients. It helps them see our superior craftsmanship and make the right choice.

Look Into Product Warranties, Shipping & Return Policies

It’s time to look into your chosen manufacturer’s product warranties and detailed policies for shipping and returns. Knowing these details early helps you avoid nasty surprises later. It also helps you assess if the manufacturer is fully committed to providing customer satisfaction at all stages of the buying process.

When you shop from us, you’re entitled to a product warranty from one to five years. So, you can enjoy peace of mind and confidence that our products are high in quality and durability. 

Reach Out to the Furniture Sales Team

Contact their customer service or sales team if you have any questions or doubts about a manufacturer's products.

A reputable furniture maker will readily answer your queries and offer an open and responsive communication channel to maintain good customer relations. They must also provide quick support during the buying process and after the transaction.

Grosfillex North America has a team of experienced representatives who are always ready to help you and will respond to your questions on the same business day.

Look for a Manufacturer With a Proven Track Record 

Work with a commercial outdoor furniture company that is an industry leader with a proven track record. With new brands cropping up daily online and offline, it's far too easy to end up with questionable-quality furniture. Be careful of deceptive retailers that relabel mass-market furniture at marked-up prices.

Some brands also outsource manufacturing and make little effort to ensure strict quality control. Choosing a well-established manufacturer with a long history of top-notch service helps you avoid these issues.

We have been a market leader in commercial furniture catering to food service and hospitality businesses for almost four decades. Over the years, we've focused on product design, quality, and value. This has enabled us to amass superior knowledge and experience that adds to our credibility and customer satisfaction.


Buying commercial furniture can be a significant investment for businesses, so choosing the right manufacturer is critical. Grosfillex North America produces and sells commercial outdoor furniture in many styles, shapes, sizes, materials, and colors at affordable prices.

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