Commercial Outdoor Furniture Reading, PA


Commercial Outdoor Furniture Reading, PA


Reading is a beautiful city in which to live and do business. However, if your commercial establishment has an outdoor area, it can be challenging to find the right furniture. The local weather fluctuates with wet, humid summers and snowy winters.

Fortunately, Grosfillex North America manufactures quality furniture designed to withstand outdoor conditions and heavy commercial use. Though storing our pieces during adverse weather is still best, they're significantly more resilient than regular furniture.

Learn more about us and the commercial outdoor furniture we offer businesses in Reading, PA.

Why Grosfillex?

Grosfillex offers a wide range of commercial outdoor furniture. Most of them are created with resin because of its versatility and strength. Here’s why it’s the best material for outdoor venues:

  • Resin withstands heavy use.
  • It’s sturdy and will easily last for years.
  • The lightweight material makes it easy to change your layout in a snap.
  • Resin furniture is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance.
  • It’s versatile and can be used to make furniture in different colors and designs.
  • Resin is naturally water-resistant, so it won't accumulate moisture and develop mold.

It's UV-resistant and can withstand outdoor elements without cracking, peeling, fading, rotting, or rusting. You'll be able to use it for years without needing a replacement.

Types of Outdoor Furniture To Invest In

Here are some furniture styles to elevate your decor:


Shading solutions like umbrellas are non-negotiable. When guests visit your establishment, they enjoy the fine cuisine, socialize with their loved ones, and appreciate the change of scenery. Not having protection from the harsh sun, wind, and rain can spoil the experience. 

Placing shade structures around chaises and lounge chairs gives guests a more comfortable space to relax and unwind. Instead of becoming irritated by the sun shining directly on them or getting rained on, patrons can focus on enjoying their outings.


People gather aroundtables, dine on them, and place their belongings on top. Having tables of the right height, whether for dining or lounging, is a must. Grosfillex supplies a variety of tables for different uses. Mix and match your tables with different table bases and tabletops.


Invest in a few extra items to elevate the guest experience. This could be a towel valet to keep the poolside space clean and organized, fencing to subdivide an area, and cushions to enhance comfort for guests who wish to sit down or recline.

Chairs and Barstools

Chairs and barstools do more than expand seating. They also offer comfort, keeping people engaged and refreshed the entire time they're at your establishment. Depending on the styles and features you select, they can provide greater accessibility for diverse crowds and thus elevate the dining experience.

Since a positive customer experience can make people go back to the same hospitality business, it can lead to repeat sales and higher profits. 

Grosfillex: Reading, PA’s Dependable Commercial Outdoor Furniture Supplier

If you're looking for the best commercial outdoor furniture in Reading, PA, look no further than Grosfillex. Our quality furniture has kept us in business for several decades. Our wide variety of outdoor furniture is stylish, durable, comfortable, and practical.

Take a look at our various collections to get started.

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