Commercial Outdoor Furniture Sets

Having a space outdoors is a dream of every business establishment, be it a restaurant, club, or bar. But a lot goes into the mix when elevating your restaurant's outdoor space. Your furniture should look well put together, and your styling should be intentional. Grosfillex North America offers commercial outdoor furniture sets that will elevate your outdoor space:

Commercial Outdoor Furniture Sets

1. Pick a Theme 

Every restaurant, club, or resort has a theme, and their outdoor space shouldn't be any different. Today, there are many designs and inspirations to choose from. Select a theme that best fits your space. 

You can choose between minimalist designs, colorful palettes, or even something out of the box—the options are endless. 

2. Consider Your Indoor Area 

While choosing a theme for your outdoor space, remember your indoor space. For instance, if your restaurant has a French chic design, don’t choose a cowboy theme outdoors. 

Even if you don't choose the same theme as the indoor space, it should reflect or relate to your indoor aesthetics.

3. Don’t Go Overboard With Matching Furniture

Matching furniture looks great, but be bold and experiment with other styles that subtly incorporate your overall look and feel. Even if your furniture doesn't all belong to the same set, you can get them to look cohesive by picking pieces with the same design elements, such as furniture with certain accent colors or textures.

4. Incorporate Different Types of Seating Areas

Choosing commercial outdoor furniture sets is more than colors, designs, and styles. You can also create visual contrast by incorporating pieces with different heights. Consider bar or dining height tables, lounge chairs, or even bar stools from Grosfillex North America to elevate your space and make it look interesting.

Additionally, different seating styles give your patrons choices in how they experience your space. After all, different chairs provide different levels of comfort and functionality.

5. Be Extra—Adorn Your Space With Accessories

Chairs and tables are necessities for any outdoor space, but if you want the area to have a great ambiance, you'll need to add additional touches that bring all the elements together. Add a fire pit or a water fountain to create interesting focal points. Add potted plants or fairy lights to make it feel extra special. Be imaginative and choose items that add functionality and beauty to your space.

6. Consider Sturdy, Durable Pieces

Sturdy and durable outdoor furniture sets are functional and practical. They're easy to keep clean and maintain. But beyond practicality, they also look good for longer. This will keep your outdoor space attractive and inviting. Plus, you won't have to replace them often.

Elevate Your Outdoor Space With Grosfillex North America

Grosfillex North America has been helping its clients beautify their outdoor spaces for almost 40 years. Through the decades, we’ve been manufacturing and distributing commercial-grade outdoor furniture that is stylish, durable, practical, and functional.

If you're on the hunt for furniture sets for your outdoor commercial space, Grosfillex North America has furniture for patios, poolsides, lobbies, lounges, balconies, and more. You can shop by collection (Westport, Sunset, Sunset Comfort, and Cannes) or browse through individual items.

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