Commercial Outdoor Patio Furniture

As the hospitality industry continues to be increasingly competitive, an outdoor seating area can be a significant pull for customers — if appropriately designed. With 50+ years of industry experience, Grosfillex North America can help you plan a comfortable, inviting, and esthetic outdoor area with the right patio furniture.

The right commercial outdoor furniture feeds into the desire to relax in comfortable settings for a quick morning coffee, a relaxing brunch, or an evening cocktail. So, by offering a welcoming, well-designed patio seating area, you position yourself as the go-to place where patrons can relax and socialize.

Commercial Outdoor Patio Furniture

Factors to Consider When Choosing Outdoor Patio Furniture

The right patio furniture can immediately boost your business's revenue. Here's how you can do that, courtesy of Grosfillex:


Your outdoor furniture will constantly be exposed to the elements, which typically translates to extensive wear and tear if you choose the wrong material for the job.

To eliminate that possibility, invest in Grosfillex products.

Our commercial-grade furniture is made with weather-resistant materials that can stand their ground against sun, rain, and other environmental conditions. We also design our patio furniture with a focus on durability, so they'll last a lifetime, even with regular use.


Aesthetics are the first thing customers notice when looking for a place to unwind. So, it's essential to design your patio area with the same level of care and attention to detail as your interior space.

That's how you can create an inviting space that screams luxury and class, which can dramatically increase its visual appeal, resulting in more foot traffic.

With Grosfillex, you can do that without sacrificing functionality.

Our Atlanta 42" Round Table, for instance, is crafted from molded melamine and has a molded wood/resin body, making it easy on the eye without compromising durability.

Our elegant furniture pieces are also available in various eye-catching colors and styles, from contemporary and sleek to modern. So, you can have your outdoor furniture reflect your establishment's aesthetic and style and avoid inconsistent branding.


Seating comfort is a major factor that has a positive impact on customer experience — something we focus on in our designs. An inviting, restful, and pleasant seating area ensures customer satisfaction before food or drinks are even served, helping create an environment that'll have guests spending more.

You can take this a step further with our 7' Wooden Market Umbrella. No more sun in the eyes, no more discomfort, only happy guests!


Grosfillex patio furniture, such as Java All-Weather Wicker Folding Chair or HPL Compact Tabletops, is constructed to be versatile and lightweight.

You can easily move it around to change the seating arrangement, maximize seating options, and accommodate larger crowds without making your patio space look cramped!

This allows you to use every square inch of your land and help reduce wait time, getting you plus points with the spenders. So, the more customers you get through your doors, the more you'll earn!

How Grosfillex's Patio Furniture Can Help You Attract and Retain Customers

Grosfillex's patio furniture, like cafe tables and chairs, can do wonders for your business. Our line of patio chairs and tables can spruce up your outdoor space and create a warm and welcoming ambiance to attract more patrons.

If you're worried about sustainability, you don't need to!

At Grosfillex North America, we create "beauty that stands the test of time." Our furniture doesn't crack, rust, fade, or flake and can stand against the rigors of daily use for years. We bring 50 years of experience in the industry to innovate and engineer long-lasting designs with cutting-edge "green" materials like resin.

And we do that while paying attention to flexibility in the face of changing trends. So, if you're looking to transform your outdoor area, contact us today!

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