Commercial Patio Furniture

Outdoor spaces like patios are huge plus points for hospitality and food service businesses. Patios allow businesses to increase seating options, serve more guests, and offer an al fresco dining or lounging experience. It can help businesses attract more customers while boosting revenues and profitability.

Commercial Patio Furniture

Premium commercial patio furniture is an excellent way to maximize your space and create an elegant and cozy outdoor ambiance. In this buying guide, we share a few essential factors when sourcing commercial-grade patio furniture.


Weather is an important consideration for commercial patio furniture. Consider how chilly, snowy, wet, dry, or hot it gets so you can pick the right type of furniture for your space.

Constant exposure to the elements adversely impacts outdoor furniture. Moisture promotes rust and rot, while hot and dry weather makes wooden patio furniture more vulnerable to splinters and cracks. Strong gusts of wind can blow away light furniture pieces made of aluminum and other metals, leading to injuries and property damage.

Select commercial patio furniture to suit your area’s climate. You can also get umbrellas to protect your furniture and patrons from harsh weather.

Available Space

The space in your outdoor area is another factor in choosing the right patio furniture for your establishment. Measure your patio and plan different layouts that are compatible with the size of your area. Take into account your patio's shape and your outdoor furniture needs.

Also, ensure that there’s enough walking space around the furniture to promote accessibility, safety, and comfort for patrons and servers.

Furniture Location

It isn’t enough to account for weather conditions and overall patio space. Another consideration is where to place it.

If the space is narrow, you may want compact furniture that easily fits. Meanwhile, larger areas will do well with pieces that have more generous proportions. These can provide a wide range of seating options while increasing your capacity to serve more customers.

Storage Space

Storage is an essential element to bear in mind when shopping for patio furniture. You must be able to easily store your furniture during winter and other seasons when it won’t be in use. Proper storage helps reduce wear and tear due to harsh weather conditions. Foldable and stackable furniture pieces are fantastic options that allow easy storage.


Last but not least, your budget plays a crucial role. You don't have to spend much money to get high-quality patio furniture. You can easily source premium furniture at affordable prices and buy it during those times of the year when prices are lower.


Commercial-grade patio furniture is a simple yet effective way to offer more seating and improve your establishment’s aesthetic appeal. Grosfillex North America offers high-end commercial patio furniture in many sizes, shapes, materials, styles, and colors at affordable rates. They’re stylish, cozy, durable, and functional, making them worthwhile investments.

Please browse our wide range of commercial patio furniture on our website or contact us to learn more.

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