Commercial Pool Lounge Chairs

Commercial Pool Lounge Chairs

If you own a hotel, resort, or club with a poolside area, maximizing your pool area with commercial lounge chairs will help the space look summer-ready and chic. It also offers guests comfortable places to hang out when the weather outside is perfect.

Here are four suggestions for picking the best pool lounge chairs for your business.

1. Measure Your Poolside Area

Measuring your available space is a crucial step when buying pool lounge chairs. Once you do that, it will help you understand the size of the lounge chairs you must buy so they fit around your pool area.

Larger chairs may seem attractive, but foldable and stackable options are better if you have a small space. They also allow you to easily store them during the off-season.

2. Choose Long-Lasting Materials

Look for sturdy and weather-resistant chairs that are easy to maintain. They should also be made from premium materials that won’t deteriorate after being subjected to salt, chlorine, moisture, dirt, and other environmental elements. 

Great options that meet these criteria are aluminum and resin. These two can survive different weather conditions and climates, including humid and wet regions. Best of all, they will look new and clean for years.

If you’d like to add cushions designed for pool lounge chairs, choose products that have water and stain-resistant fabrics and foam. This will help you get the most bang for your buck.

3. Prioritize Comfort

Guests are more likely to linger if they feel comfortable and relaxed in your poolside area. Hence, buy cozy lounge chairs that fulfill this goal. Get chairs that offer wide and supportive seats and backs, such as deck chairs and Adirondack chairs. Another option is to get lounge chairs that have adjustable backs.

For utmost support and comfort, get plush and luxurious cushions. You may also want to purchase umbrellas so guests can keep cool as they lounge under the sun.

4. Pick the Right Colors and Designs

Another essential consideration is color. Look at your poolside color scheme and choose chairs that match them for a unified aesthetic. To create an inviting atmosphere, consider neutral shades such as blue, gray, and white—these hues will easily blend in with most decors.

Incorporate bright colors like red and orange for a bold and edgy look. You can also use your brand's colors and get lounge chairs to match.

Finally, look for designs that go with the style of your poolside area. For instance, if it has a modern look, pick out stylish, sleek, and minimalist designs to create a cohesive look and feel.


Selecting the perfect pool lounge chairs for your business can be manageable. Grosfillex North America typically recommends these tried and tested tips to our customers who want to create a relaxing and welcoming poolside space.

At Grosfillex North America, we produce and sell premium commercial pool lounge chairs that are functional, comfortable, portable, and affordable. They are also lightweight, foldable, stackable, and adjustable. You can get them in many sizes, styles, designs, and colors.

Shop for the best pool lounge chairs made of our high-quality, durable, weather-resistant, and low-maintenance materials. Explore our commercial pool lounge chairs on our website, or connect with our team of experts to learn more.

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