Hotel Contract Furniture Suppliers

Hotel Contract Furniture Suppliers

In the competitive hospitality industry, the ambiance of a hotel, resort, or club can be a game changer. It plays a huge role in attracting guests and ensuring their satisfaction. It can also help reinforce your brand and how you’ve chosen to position yourself in the market. 

An essential part of creating a captivating atmosphere is choosing the right contract furniture supplier. 

Grosfillex North America, a renowned name in the commercial furniture industry, is an example of excellence. In a world overflowing with options, here’s what makes us the ultimate choice:

Quality Beyond Compare

At Grosfillex North America, quality takes precedence. We take pride in crafting furniture pieces that redefine industry standards. Using materials like polypropylene resin, we ensure that our furniture is good to look at and exceptionally durable. 

The polypropylene resin we employ is a by-product of the oil refining process. This material makes our furniture resistant to food stains, moisture, salt air, and chlorine. Every piece is engineered to withstand the heavy use of commercial establishments. We’re thus a reliable choice for hospitality venues, especially when durability is non-negotiable.

Made To Perfection

We don't just deliver furniture. We provide innovative solutions for the food service and hospitality sectors. We comply with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) commercial standards to guarantee top-notch quality and reliability. 

At the same time, the aesthetics of our products don't take a backseat. With a diverse range of colors and styles from contemporary to classic, Grosfillex North America enables hoteliers to create spaces that reflect their brands. 

This enables our clients to enhance the overall ambiance of their businesses while leaving a lasting impression on their visitors.

Endless Options

We know that there is no "one size fits all," especially when it comes to furniture. Hence, we've worked hard to create a good selection of designs and products. Whether you're looking for barstools, dining tables, benches, chairs, or bath towel storage solutions, we have it all. Explore our Cannes, Sunset, Sunset Comfort, or Westport collections to see the diverse range we offer. 

Easy Maintenance 

Hospitality can be a messy business since it almost always involves food and drinks. Grosfillex North America understands the demands of the industry, so we've made our furniture resilient and practical enough for your establishment. Our resin is easy to clean with a mild detergent. You can also use a 10% solution of bleach or vinegar for more stubborn dirt. Our furniture is always ready for your guests and will last years thanks to its durable quality. 

Transform Your Space With Grosfillex North America

When elevating the ambiance in your resort, club, or hotel, choosing the right hotel contract furniture supplier is paramount. Our business is a testament to quality, versatility, and innovation. 

You can take your hospitality space to new heights with Grosfillex's exceptional products. Crafted and designed for durability and curated for elegance, we offer more than just decor; it's an investment. Our functional, durable, and practical products make us the best choice among furniture suppliers.

Visit Grosfillex North America’s website to explore our collections and transform the look of your establishment. 

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