Hotel Swimming Pool Furniture

Hotel Swimming Pool Furniture

A 2015 survey revealed that 26% of American travelers prefer accommodations with swimming pools. This clearly indicates that hotels must prioritize their poolside areas by ensuring they are welcoming and functional.

Kids can splash around in the refreshing waters. Adults can step back from their hectic lives, feel the cool water against their skin, and enjoy the sun's warmth on their faces. Or, they can simply relax by the poolside on a chaise with their favorite drink in hand.

Bottom line? 

It can add value to your property, keep guests returning repeatedly, and generate revenue—but only if you pick the right furniture from Grosfillex.

Why Furniture Matters 

Using well-designed, high-performance furniture that focuses on comfort can give you a distinctive edge over your rivals. When you choose pieces that align with your decor and ambiance while offering easy accessibility, you transform the guest experience and keep them returning for more. Guests will instantly feel at home and have an enjoyable stay, creating an excellent first impression—even without marketing! 

Top Furniture Trends to Follow 

Here’s how you can create a poolside area that strikes the right balance between form and function:

Built To Last 

The world is moving towards sustainability, and so should you. Work with manufacturers like Grosfillex, which reduces and recycles materials. To create an even more significant impact, we use resin to produce non-residential furniture, which can be virtually indestructible. It is easy to clean and heat-resistant while being resistant to rotting and staining, so it will last for years.

Comfort Is King 

Give guests a comfortable place to stay with furniture essentials that focus on style and support. For example, our Sunset Comfort Chaise Lounge has a replaceable comfort sling and removable pillow, offering a luxurious lounging experience.

You can also consider our elegant Sunset Chaise Lounge. It gives your guests the gift of customization with an adjustable back for hours of relaxation.

Diverse Color Palette 

Not all colors are created equal—remember that when you go shopping! 

Ideally, you want to use earth tones as they create a calming ambiance that helps guests feel more connected to the natural world. Pepper it with vibrant colors to make a statement, using color psychology to influence your guests’ emotions.

Minimal Maintenance 

You'll have your fair share of spills and messes if you provide your guests with wining and dining opportunities in the poolside area. Use low-maintenance furniture essentials that can be wiped clean with warm water and mild detergent, reducing upkeep requirements. 

To Tan or Not to Tan 

Tanned skin has become somewhat of a fashion trend, with about 40% of Americans believing they are “more attractive” when they have a tan. Give people what they want with chaise lounges that provide unparalleled relaxation. Don’t forget to pair them with umbrellas that provide shade and protection from the elements!


People stay away from pools on a rainy day. Even after it stops raining, the pool water chemistry can become contaminated, discouraging people from flocking to your poolside venue. To quickly adjust to changing weather conditions and needs, you should look for versatile pieces that can be stacked and stored during the off-season.

Look for lightweight options since they are easier to move from one location to another.

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