Luxury Terrace Furniture

Luxury Terrace Furniture

If you run a food service or hospitality business, using your terrace as a lounging or dining area is an excellent idea. Guests love the outdoors, especially when combined with indoor comforts. With the right luxury terrace furniture, you can create a new area of interest for your establishment.

How do you create a luxurious terrace with the right touches? Here’s what Grosfillex North America tells its clients…

Choose a Theme

Decide what you want your terrace to look like. Do you have a specific theme in mind? You can choose other decor items based on your theme, like warm lights, comfy seats, greenery, etc. Don't go overboard, no matter what vibe you select. Keep it simple and let a few key features take center stage.

Incorporate Nature 

Use lots of plants and a water feature to tie the space together. Flowering plants, shrubs, and succulents can make your space look lush, creating a calming effect while improving air quality. Unique additions like fountains can enhance your outdoor space's appeal. 

By incorporating small, natural-looking touches, you can make your terrace look more luxurious with a few minor adjustments. 

Install Soft Lighting

Lighting can transform your space and give it a different evening atmosphere. So, install soft lighting to elevate your space. Consider lamp shades and fairy lights for a more magical appeal. Avoid bright and white lights as they can be overly harsh and cold in outdoor spaces. 

Don’t Forget To Shade Up 

No matter the time of day, offering shade is a must. It protects your guests from dust, wind, rain, and excess sunlight, making the area more inviting. Having structures where guests can seek shelter will encourage them to linger on your terrace while making it feel more opulent.

Another option is to add an awning. However, umbrellas are always a must since they add a pop of color and can be closed whenever necessary.

Create a Cozy Seating Area

Having a comfortable seating area can transform your terrace. As you look for seating options, prioritize versatile, durable, and stylish furniture. Depending on your terrace's layout and amenities, you can incorporate outdoor lounge chairs, benches, and low tables to complete your space. 

Use Foldable and/or Stackable Furniture Whenever Possible

Terraces are outdoor areas exposed to rain, sun, wind, and snow. Opting for foldable and stackable furniture is a good idea if your hospitality business is located in an area with variable weather. This additional feature will come in handy whenever you need to store them during inclement weather or when you need to change your terrace's layout for an event.


Following these tips, you can create a luxurious terrace for your patrons. Choose a theme, incorporate natural elements, install soft lighting, add shaded and seating areas, and use easy-to-store furniture. 

Grosfillex North America has a wide range of outdoor furniture to choose from. Thanks to our collection of dining chairs and tables, chaise lounges, benches, low tables, and umbrellas, you can quickly transform your outdoor space. Find all that you need with us. Since we provide commercial-grade furniture, our products are made with innovative materials that promise exceptional durability and versatility. 

Check out Grosfillex North America's furniture collections for the best luxury terrace furniture.

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