Outdoor Chairs and Barstools

Indulging in your favorite food and drinks and enjoying the cool, fresh air while dining al-fresco — few things can beat such a comfortable, soothing dining experience. In fact, 91% of NYC restaurants consider it key to the survival of their business! Take a look at Grosfillex North America’s guide to outdoor chairs and barstools that will extend the capacity of your establishment.

Outdoor Chairs and Barstools

Chair and Barstool Buying Guide: Finding the Right Style

Factors to consider when investing in outdoor seating furniture: 

Color Schemes

If you’re familiar with color psychology, you already know how important choosing the right colors can be. Colors can influence mood, emotions, and behavior and can even dictate physiological reactions!

So, to create a warm and inviting outdoor seating area, look to these hues:

  • Blue: An all-time favorite color that’s tied closely to the sea and sky, it brings a sense of calm, tranquility, and serenity to customers.
  • Green: The color of nature, green is associated with relaxation, refreshment, and peace. It also enhances feelings of stability and security.
  • Yellow: The lightest hue of the spectrum, yellow revolves around sunshine, cheerfulness, happiness, positivity, and fun. 

Red is also a good option, as it is known for its appetite-stimulating effects.


From classic to modern and sleek to ornate, there are diverse styles of furniture. Browse through our catalog of chairs and barstools to find the perfect setup to match your decor. If you only have outdoor seating available during specific times of the year, we strongly recommend using stackable furniture so you can easily store it when not in use. 

You should also consider getting cushions to enhance the comfort quotient.


To ensure optimum comfort for your customers, your chairs and barstools should match the height of your table base. It would also pay to leave a minimum of 12 inches of space between the seats and the eating surface to ensure enough legroom for the customers. 

At Grosfillex North America, you’ll find outdoor chairs and barstools in various heights and styles, allowing you plenty of options to design the perfect outdoor seating area! 


Make a smart choice when considering the type of material for your seating arrangement. After all, outdoor materials can be used inside as well!

While aluminum, teak, and wrought iron are all popular choices, they are also very high maintenance and not very durable. 

If you want furniture that will last long and require minimal care, consider resin material. It is durable, lightweight, weather-resistant, and easy to move around when you want to change the layout of your seating space. It’s also super easy to maintain — one wipe with water and regular cleaner will eliminate most messes, making it a great option for all seasons. 

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