Outdoor Dining Furniture

Premium outdoor dining furniture forms an essential decor element in restaurants, hotels, resorts, country clubs, and other hospitality establishments. At Grosfillex North America, we create and deliver products of exceptional quality.

You may need high-quality outdoor dining furniture pieces if you own or run a hospitality business. They help you create a warm and welcoming vibe for your guests and customers and improve their overall experience. Here are a few of our products in this segment that you can get for your business.

Outdoor Dining Furniture


Tables are one of the first things your customers will notice when entering your dining area. Our high-grade tables are a great way to showcase your impeccable style and charm your guests.

We offer dining tables and tabletops in various shapes, sizes, and styles, like square, round, small, large, fixed, folding, etc. For your design scheme, you can also get different table bases, like pedestal and lateral bases. Our tables are also stain-resistant and scratch-resistant, keeping them looking new for years.


Armchairs are a fantastic way to complete the seating arrangement in your dining space. These must-have furniture pieces from Grosfillex North America are comfortable, weather-resistant, and suitable for rough use. They are also stackable, so you can easily stash them in a corner when you don't need them and save space.

Side Chairs

Elevate your restaurant seating setup with our side chairs that feature timeless designs. They are also durable, long-lasting, weather-resistant, and easy to clean, making them a good buy for your business. So pick a style and color and liven up your space with them.


Barstools are no longer limited to bars and pubs. Even dining establishments like restaurants use barstools to create a modern aesthetic and offer more seating choices. We have many sturdy and stylish bar stools you can source for your business.

You can order them in different styles, colors, and sizes at affordable prices to suit your decor needs. They are also stackable, allowing for easy storage when not in use.


Cushions are the perfect way to enhance the comfort and coziness of your dining space. Even if you have the most comfortable chairs, throwing in a few cushions here and there won't hurt. Your thoughtful gesture will impress customers and keep them returning to your establishment.

Our cushions are made of durable materials and are available in an array of gorgeous colors that your customers will love. Mix and match them to refresh your space or create a uniform look by sticking to one color.


Grosfillex North America's premium commercial resin outdoor dining furniture is an excellent way to spruce up your dining area. It delivers superior comfort, elegance, strength, and functionality, which makes it a solid investment for your business. Our warranty also allows you to buy it without worrying about product issues. Head to our website to learn more about our furniture products and contact us to get your hands on them now!

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