Outdoor Folding Tables

There is no denying that furniture helps to brand your company. But what do you do when you don't have the space for it? Do you accept it as-is and let your stand-by customers go to your competitors? Absolutely not; not when folding tables from Grosfillex North America can back you up.

Outdoor Folding Tables

Why Use Folding Tables? 

There are many benefits of using folding tables in the hospitality industry. 

First, they can be collapsed and stashed away when not in use. 

If you have a small space but are experiencing greater footfall than expected, folding tables will come to the rescue. You can quickly bring these tables out to accommodate more people at your premises without compromising style or cluttering the space.

Other than that—

  • They have a light construction, allowing you to easily shift the furniture around to complement the layout and traffic. 
  • They're easier on the pocket than fixtures but don't compromise quality. Their robust build makes them long-lasting – the sign of a sound investment. 

It's safe to say it's a win-win—you can't lose.

What Features Should You Look for in a Folding Table? 

Buying folding tables is an investment—and you must treat it as such. 

Here’s what you need to look for when shopping for these outdoor essentials: 

  • Finish/Texture: Choose finishes that resist scratches and last for years, even with heavy use. Since you are dealing with foodstuffs, it would also pay to choose materials that resist most stains to keep the growth of bacteria at bay. 
  • Material: Quality of construction plays a crucial role in how long furniture pieces will last. For best outcomes, look for lightweight resin, as it is resistant to corrosion and can stand its ground against the assault of elements. It is also super easy to clean with warm water and soap. 
  • Operating system: A folding table is excellent until it collapses on your customers' feet. Opt for pieces with leg levelers to create balance even on unstable surfaces to ensure this doesn't happen. They should also be able to withstand constant folding and setting up. 
  • Reliability: Look for products that are 100% backed by the manufacturer. For example, all seating products by Grosfillex North America are tested and meet specific ASTM and/or BIFMA standards. Plus, you can also get 1–5 years of warranty. 

Varieties to Explore: Shapes That Sell

Folding tables come in various designs and shapes, allowing you to personalize your setup to complement your classic, modern, or contemporary vibe. 

Square Table

Grosfillex's 32" resin square folding table perfectly combines style and functionality. It has a four-prong pedestal base and two-leg levelers for stability and balancing on uneven surfaces. It has a realistic wood design, an umbrella hole with a cap, and a surface texture that will last for years—resisting scratches and spills. 

Round Table

Grosfillex's resin round table offers the same benefits as the square variant but has a larger surface area to accommodate more people at a time. Plus, it makes genius use of space, so guests won't have to squeeze through to get to the chairs.

Complete the Look

Want to take your outdoor setup to the next level? Pair your foldable tables with the following:

  • Stackable Chairs: They're lightweight, easy to move and clean, and made with a resin construction that is weatherproof and durable.
  • Umbrellas: These patio must-haves protect against the sun's harmful rays and will keep your guests cool and comfortable.

Why Choose Us?

Grosfillex North America provides "beauty that stands the test of time."

We offer high-quality, innovative non-residential resin furniture to the food service and hospitality industries, opening our portfolio to customers in over 139 countries around the globe. Our products are tech- and design-driven, sustainable, and durable, with choices ranging from elegant to contemporary and transitional. 

So, if you’re looking to elevate your setup, be sure to contact us today!

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All seating products are tested and meet certain ASTM and/or BIFMA standards.

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