Outdoor Tables

If you are an owner or a contractor in the hospitality and food service industries, you will know that high-quality outdoor tables can make or break your establishment. They help you conjure the vibe and tone you want for your establishment and create a warm and welcoming ambiance for customers. If you're on the hunt for premium outdoor tables, Grosfillex North America's-commercial outdoor resin tables are a fantastic option.

Outdoor Tables

What Makes Our Outdoor Resin Tables The Perfect Choice for Your Establishment?

Our commercial outdoor resin tables are a fantastic choice for restaurants, bars, hotels, resorts, country clubs, campgrounds, and other businesses in the hospitality and food service industries. They boast the following features and benefits:

Attractive Designs

Our outdoor resin tables focus on new, innovative designs high on elegance and sophistication. You can pick from different themes and styles, like traditional, contemporary, and so on, to suit the mood and decor of your establishment.

Our resin tables also come in a wide range of eye-catching colors, sizes, and shapes that help you add vibrancy and versatility to your space. You can choose a single style for a uniform aesthetic or play around with different styles for an experimental look.

Most resin tables have a wood, metal, stone, or marble appearance. So, you can select tabletops with a distressed wood finish, a modern concrete look, or other finishes according to your preference.


The chemical composition of resin gives it high durability so that it won't break or scratch easily. This makes our outdoor resin tables perfect for rough use.

Our commercial-grade tables also have a long shelf life and will last for years, making them a solid investment for your business establishment. Simply put, they symbolize "beauty that stands the test of time."

Weather Resistance

Our outdoor resin tables easily withstand snow and rain and will not corrode or fade due to weather elements. They also resist water stains, salt water, UV rays, and heat, making them suitable for all climate conditions.

Easy Cleaning And Maintenance

Our outdoor resin tables are perfect for business establishments that need to optimize time spent on cleaning and maintenance. Their smooth surfaces are easy to clean and care for, so you only need warm water and soap to remove stains, dirt, and mildew.

Also, as they don't fade easily, they don't need repainting or other touch-up services, helping you save money in this department, too.

Get Commercial-Grade Resin Tables From Grosfillex Expert USA

If you are looking for resin tables for outdoor use, check out Grosfillex North America. We are a leading international manufacturer of outdoor resin tables and are known for the high quality, usability, innovation, affordability, and sustainability of our products.

We offer outdoor and patio tables and other furniture products that cater to the hospitality and food service industries. So you can be sure that you're in expert hands. Moreover, we offer up to five years warranty on our products. So, if you run into any issues, you can always reach out to our experienced customer service team, who will respond to you on the same business day.

Visit our website to learn more about us, or contact our team to talk to an expert.

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