How to prep your outdoor restaurant furniture for the cold?

How to prep your outdoor restaurant furniture for the cold?

Winter is just around the corner. People will soon be switching their iced lattes for warm apple cider and their t-shirts for sweaters. As a restaurant owner, it is also time to start thinking about the coldest time of the year and what it will mean for your business. If you have any commercial outdoor furniture from Grosfillex, then it is time to start prepping it for the colder weather.

If you’re planning on removing your restaurant’s outdoor seating options over the winter, you will want to ensure each piece is well-cleaned and stored safely for the upcoming spring. It is also a good idea to complete an inventory of your furniture – check for stains, scratches, or anything that might need to be fixed before it goes into storage.

It might be overwhelming to think about winterizing all your furniture while also running your restaurant, but we’re here to help. Well, here is an easy guide to help you get your outdoor resin furniture ready for winter.

Cleaning and storage tips for your outdoor restaurant furniture

Resin Chairs

Before storing them, you’ll want to deep clean and disinfect your resin chairs. Resin chairs can be cleaned with soap and water. It is best to use a milder cleaner like dish soap to clean the furniture.

If you find any stains on your furniture, they can usually be removed with nonabrasive household cleaners like Windex, Fantastik, or 409. If you have more stubborn stains, use a 10% vinegar or bleach solution to remove them.

There are also specialized resin cleaners that might help make your cleaning more efficient. One of the best resin cleaners is SunBrite.

The next step is disinfecting the resin chairs. We recommend that you use a chlorine-based disinfectant or an alcohol-based disinfectant on your chairs.

When storing your resin chairs, keep them in a climate-controlled indoor area without exposure to UV rays. Resin can shrink slightly in very cold conditions, so an indoor space with a mild climate is best. If your seating has cushions, these should be placed somewhere dry where pests like insects and mice won’t be able to damage the fabric.


High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) Tabletops

 Your HPL tabletop cover can be cleaned using nonabrasive cleaners, like dish soap, and a wet cloth.

Make sure to wipe with a dry cloth afterward to ensure the tabletop is dry before storage.

It is recommended to store your HPL tabletop inside in a dry place.

If you live in a cold and wet climate, winter moisture can enter the furniture and freeze, causing damage.

Melamine Tabletops

While your Grosfillex table should be wiped regularly, it is best to do a deep clean before storing and winterizing furniture. For your melamine tabletop, start by using either a damp cloth and soapy water or a damp cloth and alcohol-based solvent. Either will work, depending on the number of stains on the table.

    If you still find stains on your Melamine tabletop after cleaning, you can use a household cleaner and 0000 steel wool. Apply some cleaner to the wool and gently rub it on the tabletop to remove the stain.

    Once the tabletop is completely dry, it can be stored. Do not store your Grosfillex tabletops on their sides or upside-down. They should be stored in a dry, indoor area, right-side up.


    The great news is, Grosfillex commercial outdoor fabrics are naturally stain resistant. If you notice a spill on the umbrella, you should be able to wipe it up with a towel or a rag without it affecting the umbrella at all.

    Umbrellas should be cleaned on a regular basis with a mix of soap and water.

    But, before the Umbrella goes into storage, it should be cleaned with both soap and water, and a chlorine bleach solution to remove any mold or mildew. 

    To clean your umbrella with soap and warm water, mix the two together until you have a mild soapy solution.
    Then wipe the umbrella down and make sure to rinse all the soap off before setting it out to dry.
    Then use the chlorine bleach to remove all mold and mildew before storage.
    Chlorine bleach won’t affect the durability or vibrant color of your umbrella. Just make sure to let the umbrella dry out completely. While the fabric in the Grosfillex umbrella won’t promote mold or mildew growth, it might still grow if the umbrella is stored wet.

    To store, carefully close the umbrella. Then, remove it from any accessories like the umbrella base or bottom poles. You want to ensure your umbrella is protected and won’t be wrinkled, torn, or broken by any surrounding furniture being stored in the same area. It may be a good idea to wrap the umbrella in plastic or some other covering.

    Then cover the exposed pole edges with something to protect them from damage. This could include a plastic bag or a folded piece of cardboard. Then, lay your umbrella and accessories down, preferably on a large shelf. If you have multiple Grosfillex umbrellas, cross-lay them to save space.

    TIP: Don’t use any pine oil cleaners on your umbrella.

    Need ideas for maintaining an outdoor seating option for guests during the winter season?

    Cover your furniture

      Adding a cover to your furniture when it is not in use is always a great idea. But, a cover is vital if your restaurant is in an area that receives a lot of snow and rain.

      Store it in a safe place at night

        This is an excellent solution for restaurant owners who want to keep an outdoor dining option but also want to protect their outdoor restaurant furniture. If you have a safe place to store outdoor furniture when it is not in use, for example, before your lunch rush or after you close, use it to protect your

        furniture. While Grosfillex furniture is incredibly durable, keeping it in a safe area when not in use will extend its life!

        Whether you are packing up your outdoor seating area or making your outdoor space a winter wonderland for your customers, Grosfillex furniture will help give your customers the best dining experience possible.

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