What Should You Look for in Commercial Outdoor Tables?

commercial outdoor table on a restaurant patio

An Introduction to Outdoor Tables

Setting tables may be a creative outlet, but selecting tables for your outdoor setting can be just as rewarding in pursuit of your food service and hospitality business needs.  It’s time to turn the tables and examine what aspects of commercial outdoor tables can enhance your site’s “curb appeal” and bring in more foot traffic.

Outdoor tables encourage gathering, community, and connection.  They provide common spaces to share meals and have conversations amongst friends, family, and colleagues.  Outdoor tables allow you to observe the world around you and symbolize order - a literal platform for organizing and presenting items.  These versatile uses from outdoor dining to makeshift workstations are many, and it is important to always keep durability, flexibility, and ease of maintenance as key factors in your research.

When it’s time to update or upgrade your outdoor furniture footprint, tables are the anchor pieces of exterior leisure and dining areas that define how your overall space will be organized.  Outdoor tables also take the lead in the design direction of your complementary furniture (e.g. outdoor chairs and table umbrellas), landscaping and decor.  Whether you are looking for a poolside snacking solution, a formal dining destination, or a cloistered patio bistro, there are a variety of table styles and functions to choose from that best meets your style and requirements.

The following thought-starters have been brought to the table to help give you a leg up to make your outdoor table decision-making process a bit easier to navigate.

Style and Design

No matter your setup, ranging from eloquent to casual, a well-designed outdoor table can enhance the overall look of your outdoor space, add ambiance, and increase appeal.  Whether gracing a bustling sidewalk cafe, inhabiting a tucked-away terrace, or establishing a scenic landmark view, outdoor tables provide stylistic and aesthetic value, enhancing the outdoor experience for customers of all ages.  A variety of rich decors, pleasing colors and topical textures will portray an inviting outdoor environment.  Outdoor table design will also suggest intended use, be event-relevant, and look great.

commercial outdoor table by the bay

Functionality Options

Outdoor tables provide a surface for dining, playing games, or simply resting items like drinks, books, or electronic devices.  They offer a convenient space for various outdoor activities, whether it's a barbecue with friends or a quiet afternoon of reading.  Be cognizant of your portability needs – will you need the table to fold for compact storage, stacking, and mobility?

Settle for nothing less than exceptional stability – is the ground surface uneven and will the table base benefit from having adjustable footpads to prevent wobbling?  Do your seated users have ample leg room around the table?

Look for brands that will withstand constant use, the elements, and won’t crack or gray with age. Grosfillex has various complete table options that will stand the test of time – Sunset Table, Aquaba Table, Atlanta Table, and Ibiza Table. You can also enjoy the wobble-free self-stabilizing Quattro Contact Base with your choice of tabletop for a comfortable dining experience. 


Functionality of nesting tables together to save space

Durable Materials

Outdoor tables are designed to withstand various weather conditions, from baking sun to unexpected rain.  Materials like weather-resistant resin and table bases reinforced with aluminum will help ensure longevity in various outdoor environments.

Specially created for outdoor dining, Melamine or compact HPL tabletops pair beautifully with a collection of fixed and folding table bases from Grosfillex.  They feature classic designs and will provide years of service, even in harsh outdoor foodservice environments​.  They provide the ultimate in strength and scratch resistance, along with beautiful, easy-to-clean finishes.​

Grosfillex models are UV Resistant and impervious to salt air and chlorine for use in poolside settings and maritime locations.


the durable aquaba tables are scratch and fade resistant

Size and Seating Capacity

Outdoor tables present in various shapes and sizes allowing you to choose the best form to suit your establishment.  From intimate gatherings to hosting larger groups, there are options available to accommodate different situations and seating capacity.  Grosfillex offers a range of tables from the compact 24” round Omega table to the large 69” x 39” Sigma table.

An alternative solution are bar-height tables which encourage a social atmosphere. The elevated height allows people to stand comfortably or sit on taller stools, and their compact footprint allows for more seating without taking up as much floor space as traditional dining tables.  They offer versatility, are modern and stylish, promote a casual, relaxed atmosphere, and for many are more comfortable, especially for eating or working while standing.

The Grosfillex bar-height aluminum table, with its strong & durable HPL top, is the perfect match for the Sunset Barstools and helps extend your indoor festivities outdoors.

The Sigma 69x39 dining table seats up to 8 people

Color Options

Table color sets the tone and evokes a pleasing visual baseline within your environment.  A softer, earthier color story can have multipurpose uses from al fresco dining to BBQ backyards or take your dining experience to the next level with more vibrant and variety in your color selection to modernize a playful patio or contemporize a chic rooftop dining area.

Umbrella Accommodations

The crowning jewel for your outdoor table presentation is the impactful outdoor umbrella.  Look for tables that accommodate this decorative feature to draw attention to your venue’s persona and create a centerpiece for your site.  In addition to providing shade from the sun and keeping temperatures comfortable, umbrellas will offer some protection from light rain or drizzle, allowing your guests to continue enjoying your outdoor space in less-than-ideal weather conditions.  Make sure your table umbrella is adjustable and removable to allow for customization.  Aesthetically, be sure to peruse the variety of fabric colors, patterns, and shape styles that complement your outdoor décor.

Grosfillex offers the Windmaster collection and Market umbrellas, bases and umbrella poles to accommodate standard tables and bar height extension poles for bar height tables.


ADA Table Options

Ensure that all of your customers have a comfortable, enjoyable experience.  A table that is both consistent with your outside area design, aligns with your layout, and is functionally compliant with regulations established by the Americans with Disabilities Act ensures access and community for all.  An ADA approved table is a beautiful addition to your outdoor restaurant and patio dining floorplan.  As with other outdoor tables, look for an aluminum frame and HPL tabletop for durability, maneuverability, and easy clean-up.

The Grosfillex Sunset ADA Compliant Complete Dining Table meets all these needs and provides aesthetic consistency with the elegant Sunset outdoor furniture collection.

Concluding Commercial Outdoor Tables

Overall, an outdoor table is an important addition to any outdoor space, offering functionality, aesthetics, and versatility for a variety of activities and gatherings.  Look for manufacturers who offer compact shipping and quick assembly models and remember that simplicity in maintenance and easy cleanup are key. Contact one of our experienced customer service representatives today to learn more.

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