Top Features to Consider When Buying Outdoor Dining Chairs

Top Features to Consider When Buying Outdoor Dining Chairs

Designing an extraordinary open-air dining space that is both inviting and operational while providing comfortable seating options may seem daunting, but it can be a simple recipe by taking the right steps!  Imagine a relaxing and spacious alfresco ambiance for your dining experience or an efficient, heavily trafficked lunchtime layout to deliver on your business objectives and maximize guest visits.

Selecting conducive exterior seating models are intrinsic to customer comfort, reuse, revisits and defining the atmosphere of your outdoor space.  This guide will help you consider some factors when choosing the right products: quality, comfort, and aesthetic all work together to help improve your outside, sit-down dining destination.  It is also important to keep an open ear to the feedback of your guests and employees who are using or moving the chairs.

So, pull up a chair and “feast” on these outside opinions to help make smart selections in your open-air arena.  Outdoor dining seating possibilities await - the sky is the limit!

1. Contract Grade Quality

Whether you are outfitting a bustling dining destination at a hotel or restaurant, updating the popular outdoor eating space at the local college campus commissary, or establishing a mess hall “basecamp” at the local campgrounds, Grosfillex is your trusted partner in delivering renown outdoor resin-based dining chair options tailored to your distinct needs across many commercial venues.

When scouring the market for outdoor dining chairs, prioritize those with contract-grade quality. Look for materials and craftsmanship designed to withstand the demands of frequent use.  Grosfillex excels in providing chairs that meet and exceed these standards, ensuring long-lasting performance.

What Sets Contract Grade Quality Apart?

Outdoor furniture styles produced by Grosfillex are specifically designed and manufactured for commercial spaces. They are conceived with enhanced materials and composition to withstand regular daily use and are designed as reliably durable, functional, and aesthetic solutions for public placement.

2. Resin Construction

Resin outdoor seating is built for frequent guest use.  While being appropriately stylish, resin seating asserts its strong composition will remain reliably sturdy, is generally lightweight for maneuverability and storage, and is functional for optimal comfort and support.

Grosfillex chairs are durable and made of resin construction

What are the Benefits of Resin Furniture? 

Weather Resistant

Outdoor chair options fabricated from resin withstand potential weather damage from sun, wind, and rain along with other environmental factors like temperature changes and fallen foliage, dust and dirt.  Opt for outdoor dining chairs that can brave the elements.  Grosfillex's use of weather and UV-resistant resin ensures that your chairs maintain their visual appeal and structural integrity even when exposed to the sun's rays and unpredictable weather conditions.

Easy to Clean

Simplify your outdoor maintenance routine by choosing chairs made from easy-to-clean materials.  Grosfillex's resin furniture allows for hassle-free cleaning, enabling you to spend more time enjoying your outdoor dining space and less time on tedious upkeep.


Invest in chairs built to last.  Grosfillex's commitment to durability means that their resin furniture will provide years of reliable use, making it a sound investment for your outdoor dining area.

3. Stacking Ability

Maximize the flexibility of your outdoor space with stackable dining chairs. Whether you have a compact patio or need to store or configure chairs efficiently, the stackable feature adds practicality to your setup.  Grosfillex offers stackable options that blend convenience with style, catering to a range of spatial needs.

Stacking ability is an important function of outdoor dining chairs

4. Balance of Aesthetics and Comfort

Just as one might evaluate the taste and quality of food, gauge portion size and meal variety, or rate the friendliness of service and decor, the seating arrangement should be as comfortable as it is visually appealing.

Look beyond aesthetics and prioritize comfort. Outdoor dining should be a pleasure and Grosfillex dining chairs achieve a balance between style and comfort, ensuring that mealtime is a relaxing and enjoyable experience.  Ergonomic excellence is the harmony when optimized comfort meets innovative design.  Be sure to consider how your product form and function selection can enhance your space while keeping consistency and comfort top of mind for your guests.

Some elements of ergonomic design to consider are lumbar support, seat height and depth, positioning of armrests, adjustability, and mobility.  Lower back comfort and proper posture are regarded as important factors, yet seating and lounge luxury should be unobtrusive for the guest during their dining engagement.

This wholistic approach to seating selection delivers operational and aesthetic answers for dining spaces of varying sizes in the great outdoors.

5. Matching Furniture Options 

Go one step further and remember to design differently for outdoor commercial settings and layouts.  Like fine wine and artisan food, “pair” your outdoor pieces to customize your own sets that will attract more guests, maximize seating possibilities, maintain uniform aesthetic, and integrate with additional functional pieces.

Successful seating arrangements coordinate with outdoor table selections.  Create cohesive outdoor dining settings by selecting chairs that seamlessly use Grosfillex's extensive range of table sets to curate a unified look for your dining area, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your outdoor space.

Grosfillex offers many matching furniture options

6. Reputation of the Manufacturer

Consider the brand's history and reputation when choosing outdoor dining chairs.  Grosfillex has built its outstanding brand reputation on the design, development, production and marketing of resin products destined for commercial use.

Grosfillex's legacy is rooted in quality craftsmanship and continuous innovation. By opting for a brand with such a strong track record, you can trust that your dining chairs are backed by a history of excellence.

7. Warranty Offerings

Ensure peace of mind by understanding the warranty offerings of the outdoor dining chairs that you choose.

Grosfillex stands behind the durability and quality of its products, offering comprehensive warranty policies that reflect the brand's confidence in its furniture and commitment to excellence.  Specifics about this limited warranty can be obtained by contacting your local Grosfillex dealer or sales representative, or by calling our customer sales and service department.



Selecting outdoor dining chairs should consider more than just aesthetic appeal; it involves factors that suit the patron and serve the space as efficiently as possible.  By keeping these key considerations in mind and exploring Grosfillex’s offerings, you can elevate your outside dining experience to ensure long-lasting comfortable seating and overall satisfaction that not only enhances your space but also stands the test of time. 

Whatever outdoor dining scene you are outfitting, Grosfillex is your trusted partner in discovering outdoor resin furniture tailored to your distinct needs.  Explore our website and discover a diverse range of furniture to serve as a source of inspiration as you envision and enhance the outdoor experience for your guests.

You can help ensure a pleasant outdoor ambiance and cohesive design statement to complete the dining space experience. Contact us today to learn more. 


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