Commercial Patio Furniture: 7 Things to Check Before Warm Weather Arrives

Outdoor furniture on a restaurant patio

Enjoying the sun, extended daylight, and warmer weather weeks of spring and summer means alfresco dining and extended conversations to some, fun activities and games for others, while many prefer simple relaxation of luxurious lounging.  It is important to offer the right selection of seating and dining furniture that will provide the right comfort, support, and aesthetic appeal for those brightened days ahead.  In this blog edition, we'll explore several areas for consideration that will help you to find the right commercial patio furniture solution for your outdoor space during the warmer seasons.

1. Is Your Space Optimized for a Seamless Traffic Experience?

    Whether poolside patio, forested deck, or cityscape overlook, the space and arrangement of your furniture offers both functional flow and custom style that presents your intended identity and personality of the space while optimizing traffic flow.

    Expand your seating capacity by creatively considering layout options before placing your furniture.  Every space is unique and there is no one solution to find the perfect capacity.  In this balance between art and science, do what works for your area and proves most gainful for your business while accommodating the needs and preferences of those who will be utilizing the space.  Consider unexpected angles and leveraging negative space to generate an unexpected appearance and create a welcoming atmosphere.  Ensure that users can get in and out of each staging area comfortably while offering ample options for seating and tabletop activities.

    This neatly placed patio furniture allows for better traffic flow

     2. How Is Your Outdoor Seating Holding Up?

    Keeping a routine maintenance schedule can help extend life for your furniture with minimal effort.  Safeguarding your patio items for multiple uses across multiple seasons should be a top priority and it starts with selecting from a reliable, established manufacturer.  Investigate the materials used in outdoor furniture that best suits your environment and climate, considering durability and suitability for outdoor use.  Whether it's resin, aluminum, weather-resistant wood, or other options, the right material contributes to the furniture’s longevity.  Be sure to use commercial-grade products that are specifically built to withstand the rigors of outdoor environments.

    3. Are Your Outdoor Furnishings Weather Resistant?

    Weather conditions can often limit the use of outdoor areas to specific seasons.

    As the spring and summer months progress, warmer and fluctuating temperatures can be just as stressful on furniture composition as inclement weather like precipitation and wind.  Look for furniture with durable construction and reliable constitution that will stand up to most seasonal effects of strong sun and unpredictable weather.  Also consider options for quick and easy storage and stacking to secure your purchases during more intense weather events and look for items that simplify cleanup from environmental debris such as pollen, pedals and sand.  Be sure to use commercial-grade products that are specifically built to withstand the severity of outdoor environments such as looking for UV-resistant finishes to retain your furniture’s appearance.

    weather resistance such as rain on display

    4. Are You Using Contract Quality Furniture for Your Outdoor Space?

    Seek contract quality furniture that will last long, look great, and meet the needs of form and function with minimal maintenance.  Prioritize reputable companies known for quality, ensuring the lounges are constructed from durable materials. Grosfillex North America has been providing commercial-grade solutions to establishments in foodservice and hospitality since 1984.

    5. Is It Time To Refresh Your Look?

    Spring signifies renewal and what better time to reassess the various factors that influence your welcoming patio area including space availability, intended use, and personal preferences.  Understanding these considerations lays the foundation for a well-informed purchase decision and a lovely space outside while keeping true to function.

    Diverse styles and designs are available for your specific area that you intend to dress.  From contemporary to classic, regional personality or a fusion of flavors, choosing a seasonal style for your outdoor space enhances its visual appeal and brings guests back. Grosfillex offers Chaises and Lounge Chairs, Chairs and Barstools, Complete Tables, Table Bases, Tabletops, Umbrellas, and Accessories.

    tabletop options allowing for plenty of space and elbow room

    6. Should You Leverage Technology to Enhance the Outdoor Dining Experience?

    Whether lounging poolside listening to tunes, phone-scrolling, or finishing up that last text, our tools of technology seem to be by our side even in moments intended for outdoor relaxation and recreation.  Be sure to make your furniture selections that will accommodate personal tech with easy access, ample arm room and tabletop options.  Additionally, with a wide variety of mealtime delivery and presentations, be sure to have enough room on the table and around the seating to allow for service items, storage and staging options.  Also remember to integrate your furniture composition with existing lighting or heating accessories, finding the right mix of décor that optimizes place settings while keeping things comfortable.

    7. Make the Most of Your Space with Essential Furniture Additions

    Sunshine at any stage of the day can be glaring and heat producing which requires filtering.  Umbrellas are a great way to shield from harsh rays while providing an elegant and sheltered appearance without feeling too enclosed.  Some options to accompany your patio presentation are the Windmaster 7.5' and 9’ Round Umbrellas, the 7' and 9’ Wooden Market Umbrellas, and the Windmaster 10' Square Cantilever Umbrella.

    Every seating arrangement can benefit from a table accompaniment to elevate your visual, maximize functional space and provide customizable arrangements.  Consider complementing the seating selections with Vanguard Tabletops, HPL Tabletops, and Molded Melamine Tabletops.

    Planters showcasing local or exotic flora are a great conversation piece and a visually appealing way to make your space distinct and memorable.  The color and shape of your accessories should work in concert with your furniture presence.


    Umbrellas make for a great addition to outdoor patios

    Bring on the Warm Weather

    In the realm of relaxation and mealtime, outdoor patios are the perfect location to “stage” a memorable moment and maximize function and comfort.  Deciding on style is wholly your choice and preference while identifying reliable commercial patio furniture and is an important part of evaluating your seating and tabletop needs in advance of the warmer, sunnier season.  Be sure to contact us or visit our website to explore our extensive collection and find the perfect seating, table and accessories options to heighten your outdoor space.  Elevate your relaxation experience with Grosfillex – where style meets durability.

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