How to Choose the Best Commercial Lounge Furniture for Hospitality Spaces

How to Choose the Best Commercial Lounge Furniture for Hospitality Spaces

Embark on a journey of design and functionality as you explore the world of commercial lounge furniture. The prospect and possibilities of transforming your outdoor space can be intimidating, but fear not—we're here to guide you through each step.


1. Where will you be placing your furniture?

It can be both exciting and overwhelming when weighing all your options for new lounge furniture. The initial step involves a thoughtful consideration of where each piece will find its place in your envisioned space. For instance, if your destination is a beachside retreat, visualize the timeless charm of sling chaises that effortlessly become a staple in such coastal environments. Alternatively, for those aiming to curate a cozy poolside haven, explore the seamless pairing of chaise lounges with lounge chairs and cocktail tables. If you are in the market for multiple settings, focus on one setting at a time to create a clear vision of how to shape the outdoor space of your dreams.

Chaise Lounges are a perfect option relaxing by the pool or beach


2. What types of commercial lounge furniture do you need?

Direct your attention to the needs of your customers as you navigate the landscape of commercial lounge furniture. Consider how the introduction of new furnishings will enhance their experience. Reflect on any feedback your existing outdoor furniture has garnered and use it as a compass for refinement. If you are a new business, analyze the strategies employed by competitors to keep their guests content and engaged. Additionally, contemplate the necessity of complementary elements such as low tables or umbrellas to seamlessly elevate the overall outdoor ambiance. The key lies in a meticulous understanding of your clientele and an intentional selection that not only meets but exceeds their expectations.

Chaise Lounges have elongated seats designed for reclining or lounging. They offer a luxurious and indulgent option for both seating and laying back in the warmth of the sun. It is a staple in providing guests a comfortable place to stretch out and enjoy their vacations in bliss.

Lounge chairs are standalone seats designed for relaxed sitting. They often feature a slightly reclined back and a comfortable seat, providing a more casual and laid-back option. These chairs offer a casual and calm ambiance, making them an ideal choice for those seeking a perfect blend of sophistication and comfort in their lounge areas.

Low tables serve as the ideal companion to chaise lounges and lounge chairs, offering a designated space for guests to comfortably rest their beverages and unwind in tranquility. Available in a variety of styles, these tables seamlessly integrate into any setting, be it a chic pool deck or the serene expanse of sandy shores.

Cocktail tables play the pivotal role of unifying your lounge area, akin to the familiar coffee table in a home setting. Crafted with the intention of fostering shared comfort, these tables effortlessly bring people together in the heart of your conversational space. Elevate your lounge experience with the stylish and communal essence of a well-placed cocktail table.

Umbrellas stand as essential guardians, shielding your guests from the sun's harmful UV rays. With a diverse array of types and colors seamlessly blending into any environment, these versatile accessories can be the perfect finishing touch for elevating the charm of your outdoor space.

Chaise Lounges can be neatly aligned and stacked to make the most of space

3. How much available space do you have?

Begin by defining distinct lounge zones within the space. Identify areas where guests might naturally gather for conversation, relaxation, or collaborative activities. This zoning helps create purposeful sections that contribute to a harmonious and well-organized layout. Maintaining equilibrium between open spaces and lounge clusters is paramount. Avoiding the pitfall of overcrowding, which can result in a cluttered and chaotic atmosphere, is achieved by embracing open spaces that provide visual relief and cultivate an airy and spacious feel. Measure your available space and find out how much space each piece will take up. This strategic approach ensures a thoughtful and well-executed plan, preventing the pitfalls of either an excessively cluttered environment or insufficient furniture for accommodating all guests. You can find information about our product dimensions at

4. What kind of material is ideal for your establishment?


It is essential that your lounges are crafted using commercial grade materials specifically designed to withstand the rigors of high-traffic environments and the harsh weather elements of hotels and resorts.

Consider lounges with upholstery options featuring stain-resistant fabrics. This is crucial in hospitality settings where spills and stains are inevitable. Stain-resistant materials simplify cleaning processes, ensuring the lounges maintain their pristine appearance over time. For instance, many Grosfillex chaise lounges feature Microban© antimicrobial fabric that gives products an added layer of protection against microbes such as stain-and-odor causing bacteria, mold, and mildew.

Lounges situated in outdoor hospitality spaces should feature UV-resistant finishes. This helps protect against sun damage, preventing colors from fading and materials from deteriorating when exposed to prolonged sunlight.

      Make sure to use commercial materials that will withstand weather conditions

      5. What features are most important to your business?

      Now that you have made it this far, let's delve into the exciting realm of features and benefits that align with your business requirements. Consider the core functionalities that are indispensable for your products. What are the bells and whistles that will take your guest's experience to the next level? Whether it's the practicality of stackable chaise lounges for optimizing space utilization, the flexibility of providing options for guests to recline or sit upright, or the convenience of mobility with integrated wheels — these features contribute significantly to the overall functionality. Now is the time to discern and prioritize the features that are paramount for your business, ensuring that each aspect enhances both utility and guest satisfaction

      Grosfillex Chaise Lounge are stackable to save space when not in use

      Time to unwind

      Whether it's the alluring stretch of a chaise lounge, the laid-back charm of lounge chairs, the functionality of low tables, or the unifying essence of cocktail tables and umbrellas, Grosfillex is your guide to elevating every outdoor experience. 

      Contact us today for more information on how Grosfillex can assist you with your outdoor hospitality space.

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