How to Choose the Best Commercial Umbrella for Hospitality Spaces

How to Choose the Best Commercial Umbrella for Hospitality Spaces

We understand the significance of choosing the right commercial umbrella for your establishment, and we're here to guide you through the process with our expertise in foodservice and hospitality. From defining the purpose of your umbrella to evaluating types, considering wind resistance, sizing, and focusing on style and aesthetics, we'll navigate through every aspect to elevate your outdoor ambiance. So, grab a cup of your preferred beverage as we walk through the necessary steps to make an informed decision and enhance your hospitality space. Together, we'll ensure your outdoor setting is not only functional but also exudes a refined and welcoming atmosphere.


1. Define the Purpose

Before choosing an umbrella for your property, figure out why you need it. Are you focused on giving guests shade for comfort or trying to improve the look of your space to catch people's attention? Knowing your goal will help you select the best commercial umbrella for your business.

Cantilever Umbrellas have no center pole obstructing the space


2. Evaluate Types of Umbrellas

Market umbrellas, commonly found on patios or cafes, are the go-to choice for many. With a central pole supporting a circular or square canopy, they're great for creating a cozy outdoor dining space. They come in various colors and materials, making it easy to match your brand's look. Just remember that to support your umbrella you’ll need the appropriate base. Grosfillex has them too! Grosfillex offers umbrellas made of heavy-duty aluminum with fiberglass ribs as well as Wooden Market Umbrellas – both with a large selection of colors to choose from.

Another Option: Cantilever umbrellas which have an offset pole and large canopies, making them versatile for different shading setups. Since cantilever umbrellas have no center pole, the space beneath the canopy goes unobstructed. This makes it a perfect option for large dining arrangements and for providing shade to your chaise lounges. Our 10’ Cantilever Umbrella offers maximum shade to shield guests from the sun.

If you're looking for an umbrella for the beach, go for one designed to handle UV rays and salt air in the midsummer heat. The Grosfillex Beachmaster Umbrella does just that. Make sure your beach umbrella has options for support, such as a beach pole or sand anchor.

The Beachmaster Umbrella is a perfect match for beachside settings

3. Wind Resistance and Stability

Take a closer look at your geographical region to determine the typical wind conditions your umbrellas are likely to face. Once you're familiar with the challenges, opt for materials specifically designed to stand up to harsh climates. Umbrellas should be closed and/or taken down when not in use or left unattended.

4. Size and Shape


Measure your available space accurately. Ensure there is enough clearance around the umbrella to allow for comfortable movement of guests and staff.

Round umbrellas are versatile and work well for smaller seating arrangements, while square umbrellas can be more efficient for larger tables or square-shaped seating layouts.

Analyze the direction of the sun throughout the day. This will help determine the placement of the umbrellas to provide optimal shade during peak hours.



      Style and Aesthetics can bring an allure to any outdoor space

      5. Style and Aesthetics

      Choose umbrella colors, patterns, and materials that complement the overall decor of the hospitality space. If your goal is to create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing outdoor environment, emphasize choosing umbrellas that will have an alluring effect on your guests.

      Enhance the cohesion of your establishment by incorporating your brand logo into customized umbrellas, creating a unified and branded ambiance.

      6. Ease of Use and Maintenance

      Select an umbrella you not only handle confidently but one that also provides effortless use and upkeep. Imagine the convenience of crank mechanisms or pully systems that swiftly close the canopy, allowing easy adjustments based on your patrons' preferences and hassle-free storage during extreme weather. Opt for umbrellas with user-friendly cleaning features, ensuring easy maintenance. Embrace reliable materials and stick to manufacturer guidelines for proper care. And before sealing the deal, be aware the product’s warranty. Understanding the coverage offered will allow for a worry-free purchase.



      Get proper shade with commercial hospitality umbrellas

      Ready for Shade

      In conclusion, choosing the perfect commercial umbrella for your property involves a thoughtful and systematic process. By defining the purpose, evaluating types, considering wind resistance and stability, determining size and shape, and focusing on style and aesthetics, you will be ready to make a decision on the right umbrellas for your space. Additionally, prioritizing ease of use and maintenance ensures a seamless experience for both you and your patrons. As you embark on this buying process, let your business's unique goals guide you toward an umbrella that not only provides functional benefits but also adds a touch of personality to your hospitality space. 


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